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Every year, we see several thousand guests. We heat, light and clean nearly 11,000 square feet of rooms, suites and apartments every day.
We clean .
Our clients use cars as a principal means of transport, as do our staff. We are a major socioeconomic player and because of this, we have a significant impact on our environment.

We do our best to take the most eco-friendly approach whenever possible.

For example:
-We tend to favour local suppliers to offer you a more original experience as well as to reduce the transport chain (wine and beers from the region, especially)
- We offer organic hospitality products (at the hotel only)
- We have installed discharge lamps for outside lighting, instead of halogen lamps
- We control the temperature of the rooms using calibrated probes during the winter months
- Our staff has been trained to economize on water consumption and other products
- We ask guests not to change towels everyday (folded, dry towels are left until the next day) -We encourage guests to try the “YELO” bikes in town and can provide information on how to use them (La Rochelle has been one step ahead of other bike sharing systems)

Thank you for your help and participation.

impact sur l'environnement

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